Centering Race Equity and Thinking Strategically in a Long-Term Crisis: A Discussion of Organizational Responses to COVID-19

With the emergency of COVID-19, the most vulnerable members of society are more under-resourced and at risk of death than average. At the same time, many organizations just beginning equity work are questioning if it can/should continue, either because they no longer have revenue to pay for it, or because they “don’t have the bandwidth.” Using the framework Nicola Chin shared in a recent [email protected] guest blog, panelists will discuss examples of how organizations are both centering race equity in immediate responses to COVID-19 and thinking strategically for the longer-term.
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So You Want to Be a White Ally: Healing from white supremacy

White people aren’t inherently bad or broken. We are humans, born into and conditioned by a toxic culture of whiteness. I am a person underneath my ancestors’ assimilation and my social inheritance of this culture in the U.S., including the biases it seeds in me, the privileges it affords me, the realities it numbs me from, and the history and lineages it obscures.
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