Race Equity Culture Working Sessions

Our Race Equity Culture working sessions are designed to build an understanding of the the findings from Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture, apply the Race Equity Cycle framework in their own work, and learn about management and operational levers that can shift organization culture towards race equity

Session Description

In this session, we will engage and support your Organization’s leadership and management teams in bold conversation on the tactics and tools that will drive action to combat structural racism within their organization’s culture. The team will have facilitated conversations on the role that leaders and managers play, as well as the management and operational best practices that will drive progress on race equity given ongoing diversity, inclusion and equity work.

New research from Equity in the Center will be shared in an interactive forum that promotes learning and empowers participants to move from intention to action as they address the adaptive challenge of building a Race Equity Culture at your Organization. Participants will define actionable next steps for your Organization’s senior leadership and managers to carry the work forward.


Kerrien Suarez, Director, Equity in the Center

Session Results

Understanding of Equity in the Center’s Race Equity Cycle framework and the Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture publication

Understanding of the seven levers, management and operational best practices, that have successfully helped organizations shift culture from Awake to Woke to Work

Identification of clear action steps that senior leadership and managers can take to build a Race Equity Culture

Fee and Timing

$7,500 for a 4 Hour Session


8:00am – 8:30amBreakfast
8:30amIntroductions & Session Overview (Senior Leadership Team)
9:00amIcebreaker Exercise (Part One: Turn to a partner and share the top two changes you think are necessary to driving race equity at [Organization]. Participants then share insights with the full group.
Part Two: Share with the full group your biggest hope and fear coming into today’s discussion – they can be about this session or [Organization]‘s equity work overall.)
9:25amData Walk (Attached Data Walk slides will be shared with the team in advance. Participants will be asked to share insights from the data review – How does this data connect to [Organization] ‘s work; what, if anything, surprises them; et al.)
9:40amRace Equity Cycle Overview (After review of the Cycle and Awake/Woke/Work characteristics, participants will rate where [Organization] falls on it.)
10:00amRace Equity Cycle Levers for Impact: Operational & Management Best Practices (All seven levers will be reviewed at a high level, after which we’ll go deeper on 3 that the group considers most relevant to [Organization] ‘s work, such as Senior Leadership, Board of Directors and Organizational Culture; Advance prep: Ask participants to consider which 3 levers [Organization] should prioritize as they review the publication.)
10:20am – 10:35amBreak
10:35amSmall Group Discussions & Action Planning (Participants will break into three groups of two based on levers prioritized before
the break. Goal is to prioritize action steps on a specific timeline. Small groups are expected to share a recommended approach for making progress on race equity at [Organization].)
11:15amLarge Group Debrief & Discussion (Small groups share recommended approaches and large group prioritizes topics/goals for afternoon discussion.)
12:00pm –
Lunch Break
1:00pmFacilitated Discussion
2:30 pmPrioritization of Next Steps (Large group will prioritize next steps
on a defined timeline.)
2:30 pmCheck Out

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