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A Call for DEI Experts

Do you have deep expertise in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), or are you a race equity practitioner? Are you committed to helping leaders build a Race Equity Culture in their organizations and work?

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Equity in the Center is partnering with Catalyst:Ed to expand their existing DEI Expert Hub, an online platform that connects education leaders with consultant experts who can assess, design, plan and implement diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and race equity initiatives, to serve a broader range of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.

As a part of this work, EiC and Catalyst:Ed will launch a round of expert intake on November 2018. If you are a race equity practitioner (or know one who should be included in the Hub), watch a recording of the informational webinar here or review a document with the questions and answers from the webinar here. Applications will remain open until December 21st.

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The DEI Expert Hub is a tool that meets every critical need Equity in the Center stakeholders have articulated in terms of a resource to support them in identifying vetted consultants to support race equity projects, and developing an understanding of what project scope, pacing and budget looks like for specific bodies of race equity work. The design of the Expert Hub both connects organizations to consultants and, through an intentional process that scaffolds RFP development, supports leaders in learning the key components and goals of race equity project types.

Who We’re Looking For

Are you a coach, facilitator, consultant, or technical assistance provider with deep expertise in DEI and a track record of success helping organizations build a Race Equity Culture? If so, we would love to learn more about you through our expert intake process.

Experts may include:

  • Independent consultants and race equity practitioners
  • National or regional firms  
  • Leaders who have full-time jobs but are interested in doing small, targeted projects

What We Aim to Learn About You

The intake process helps us understand the following:

  • Expertise: In which areas, relevant to DEI, do you bring knowledge and skills?
  • Experience: How long have you worked on DEI? Which contexts do you shine in?
  • Impact: How are you thinking about and tracking your impact?
  • Growth: How are you learning from best practices and from your own experiences?
  • Applicability of learning: Are you able to apply your learning from one context to another?
  • Comfort in leadership: How confident are you in your knowledge, expertise, leadership and experience ?

Process & Timeline

Our three-step intake process is designed to help us get to know you better, pinpoint your specific areas of expertise and understand the organizational contexts where you thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will applications be accepted?

We will accept applications through December 21, 2018. All application materials must be submitted directly through the website no later than by midnight, Pacific Time on December 21, 2018.

How long should I spend on my application?

Applicants report that they spend 15-30 minutes on their submissions. We see your application as a beginning of a conversation that helps guide your interview, so we can get to know you and the work you’ve been doing. This process is not about filtering through experts, but understanding the range and breadth of DEI providers in the education sector.

When will I be notified regarding an interview?

You will receive an email by January 21, 2019 notifying you of advancement to the next phase. We will ask you to submit three references as well as select a date and time for a video interview. Interviews and reference checks will be conducted from February 1, 2019- March 1, 2019.    

How should I determine whether to apply as an individual or on behalf of an organization?

We welcome applications from all experts doing work in this field. The “individual application” is right for you if you: (1) work as an independent consultant or (2) have a sole proprietorship or LLC where you are the only consultant or (3) do consulting on the side. The “firm-level application” is right for you if you work for a larger organization with multiple experts.

What will you do with any information I share?

Any materials and information you share as part of the intake process will be treated as confidential and will not be shared externally without your explicit permission.   

Will my information be publicly accessible?

No. We take your privacy very seriously. Your profile will not be available to anyone unless you apply for a project or you explicitly give us permission to profile you in our list of “Featured Experts.” If you do apply for a project, we will share your profile information with the organization that posted the project.

About Catalyst:Ed

Catalyst:Ed is a national nonprofit that harnesses the collective expertise in education to help education organizations innovate, excel and scale, so all students have access to an excellent and equitable education. Our goal is to make it easier for education leaders to tap into the expertise and additional capacity they need to serve students and families better. Our technology platform enables us to quickly and efficiently make matches, providing organizations with access to the expertise they need and professionals with opportunities to work on impactful and rewarding projects.

About Equity in the Center

Equity in the Center (EiC), a project of ProInspire, works to shift mindsets, practices, and systems within the social sector to increase race equity. EiC’s work is designed to achieve the following goals: Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations adopt a Race Equity Culture focused on proactive counteraction of social inequities; Organizations define, implement, and advance race equity internally while advocating for it in their work externally; and Race equity is centered as a core goal of social impact across the sector

Through its Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture research, convenings of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders (including an annual Summit), and curation of resources such as How to Lose/Retain a Leader of Color in 365 Days, EiC accelerates leaders, supports organizations and inspires action across the social sector. Its work has been featured by Bridgespan and Fast Company, and video of sessions from its 2018 Summit can be viewed here.

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